Crypto Cure for Cancer is so much more than "just a crypto token". As it states on our token, each member of the team behind $CURE has "an unwavering passion to help". That unwavering passion to help is essentially what brought Crypto Cure for Cancer into existence.

With a team well versed in the "Crypto World" and full of passion, we set off for a world changing journey! The team behind $CURE is proud to announce the successful creation and merge of a token built for both...consistent profit to investors AND consistent donations to cancer cure research.

We at Crypto Cure for Cancer are just as passionate about giving back to our holders, as we are about giving to cancer cure research! We understand that this is a symbiotic relationship between $CURE holders and cancer cure research donations.. one cannot happen without the other. In order for $CURE to run like a well oiled machine, the holder's are provided with permanent and life long benefits. For EACH $CURE transaction made, 10% $BUSD fee reflections are distributed to holders. Moreover, $CURE holders will regularly have opportunities to earn airdropped $CURE tokens! We know that by taking care of our holders and by providing a legitimate use case for our token, we will attract the right kind of investors that give repeated and long lasting investments.

Knowing that our respected holders are taken care of, we are able to go full force into cancer cure research donations! For EACH $CURE transaction made, 2% fee goes directly into the cancer cure research wallet ($CURE Donation Wallet). Each month, Crypto Cure for Cancer will take at least 2.5% of what is in the $CURE Donation Wallet and donate to at least 1 of the cancer cure research organzations listed on our official "Donation List". Our donation list is comprised of worldwide cancer cure research organizations, and will always be evolving! The team is proud to be transparent and we are excited to share our "Donation History" page on our website. The "Donation History" page will be filled with pictures and details about each donation $CURE makes along the way!


Scotia Howat

Owner and CEO

7 Years Crypto Experience

10 Years Business Management

Lifelong Advocate for Helping Others

Rachel Terry

Marketing Lead

3 Years Crypto Experience

3 Years Marketing Experience

Herlander Nogueira 

Tech Guru

8 Years Tech Experience

4 Years Crypto Experience

Kimberly Hill

Donations Lead

8 Years Business Management

3 Years Crypto Marketing