Q4 2021

✅ Contract creation ✅ Design of website and social media platforms ✅ Website doxx ✅ Deployment of website and social media platforms ✅ Early access and collaborators ✅ Telegram to 250 members

Q1 2022

-KYC doxxed -Presale via Pinksale -Launch via Pancakeswap -First audit (MarketMove) -Fast Track CMC and CG -Phase 1 marketing (Coinsniper, Poocoins, etc.) -Whitepaper -Second audit (Certik) -Telegram to 500 members

Q2 2022

-List on, Trust Wallet, and Bscscan -Phase 2 marketing (Top trending crypto -social media influencers) -Introduce V2 Fork -Revamp website -Introduce staking and swapping on dApp -Telegram to 1,000 members

Q3 2022

-Phase 3 marketing (POWERHOUSE COMBINATION of phase 1+2 PLUS live & city advertising spots) -Design and create product (real life $CURE token) -Design and create merchandise line -Telegram to 3k members -Deployment of product (real life $CURE token) -Deployment of merchandise line -Listings on major CEX sites

Q4 2022 👀 Currently only for official $CURE team members 👀