Welcome to Crypto Cure for Cancer

Earn 10% $BUSD reflections, just for holding, all while being a part of a much bigger and greater purpose! Crypto Cure for Cancer's main objective is to merge the two worlds of Crypto Currency and Cancer Cure Research.

With an arsenal of tools including... ✅KYC doxxed ✅Website doxxed ✅Audit (pre and post launch) ✅Whitepaper ✅Anti-Dump oracle ✅Rug proof ✅Locked liquidity ✅10% $BUSD holder reflections ✅Airdrop opportunities ✅Dynamic roadmap ✅Passionate investors ✅A team "With an Unwavering Passion to Help" ✅Monthly donations to an unlimited amount of cancer research organizations ...the team is confident and fully equipped for the successful merge of these two worlds!

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